Day 3 – Mar 30

Body Weight Fitness Day!

Part 1 – Stretches

Wall Extensions: 10 Reps: I Still find these challenging to keep my body and arms against the way while preforming the Rep.

Band Dislocates: 10 Reps: I feel that I am rocking these! Although still hear the popping/clicking from my shoulder.

Cat Camels: 10 Reps: These are same as First day 🙂 I do not think there will be much change with these as I progress.

Scapular Shrugs: 10 Reps: I found that I did not have to focus too much on these, The video helps a lot and I am able to keep my hips still.

Full body Circles: 10 Reps/5 each direction: Like Cat/Camel, I do not see much in progressing with this one, just a great stretch!

Front to back leg swings: 20 Reps/ 10 each leg: I am at the same level as Day 1.

Side to side leg swings: 20 Reps/10 each leg: Same as Day 1.

Wrist mobility: 2-3 minutes: Did whole video, still a lot of stiffness in my wrists.

Part 2 – Bodyline Exercises

Plank: 60 Sec: I did 2 @ 30 seconds…Same as Day 1!

Side Plank: 120 Sec/ 60 on each side: Still very challenging and I am still using my leg for stabilization.

Reverse Plank: 60 Sec: Same as Day 1.

Hollow Hold, 60 Sec: Same as Day 1.

Arch Hold: 60 Sec: Same as Day 1.

Part 3 – Support

Wall Plank: 60 Sec: I did 2 X 30 Sec: I searched and found an alternative! I am not using my chair in a progression. Today I would call it an elevated plank, so my feet were on my chair which is raised up so that my feet are higher than my shoulders. This was very hard!

Parallel Bar Support: 60 Sec: I also found an Alt for this one! These are similar to L-sits so I read that I can use yoga blocks to suspend myself up. This has got to be the most difficult exercise in the bunch!! I was only able to hold it for about 10 seconds at a time! but did complete my whole 60 Sec requirement!

Part 4 – Strength

As I can not do the Diamond push up yet, I skip the first 2 steps.

Assisted squats: 3 X 8: These are probably my fav! I feel that my form is great and I can definitely get a lot lower in the squat when I hold the chair 🙂

Foot Supported L Sit: 3 X 30 Sec: Again very hard! Butt still does not leave the ground! **I sure will be a happy camper once I am able to get lift off!! haha

Vertical push up: 3 X 8: I think for Fridays workout I will move from the wall to my chair or maybe the kitchen counter? I think I am ready to move to a bit more of a difficult progression.

Vertical Rows: 3 X 8: Used my Bedroom door frame this time. Still need an alternative…Whill look one up tonight!

On top of these exercises, I also did 15 Burpees

Cool Down

I did some Yoga stretches for back, hips and arms.

**Note to the wise!! Looking at the BWF page that I follow, you will notice that there is no cool down. I would recommend adding some stretched as I am still quite sore form day 1. I did find that the soreness did not impede my workout today, but definitely am adding some stretching at the end from now on!


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