The Beginning BWF March 28

As I sit in my chair thinking about ways I can be accountable to my goals, I remembered that I had an old blog that I used to do and thought I would revive it and log my progress. This is completely just for myself to be accountable for my actions (and in-actions)

It would great if someone stumbled across this and it helped them reach their goals as well, but primarily this is to keep me on track.

Of course I had this idea a bit late as I started 2 days ago (I am on day 3 of my new program) so here is the beginning:

Day 1:

I started with the linked program from reddit bodyweightfitness Recommended Routine (RR)

Part 1 – Stretches

Wall Extensions: 10 Reps: I found it hard to keep my arms on the wall at all times, so although this exercise seems quite easy, it is challenging.

Band Dislocates: 10 Reps: These are fairly straight forward, luckily I have a band that I can use, I do hear a clicking of sorts in my shoulder area, not sure if normal so I will keep an eye out!

Cat Camels: 10 Reps: These are always welcome! Feel great and a welcome stretch!

Scapular Shrugs: 10 Reps: These I had to get used to. Needed to keep making sure my hips were in check and that I was keeping them steady and not moving them like in cat/camel.

Full body Circles: 10 Reps/5 each direction: These are nice full body stretch, very enjoyable.

Front to back leg swings: 20 Reps/ 10 each leg: I go a lot slower than the video, and feel that I can work up to a more extended and higher leg raise.

Side to side leg swings: 20 Reps/10 each leg: These ones I need to keep focused not to let momentum take over. Again I know I can work to get a higher more extended leg.

Wrist mobility: 2-3 minutes: I do the whole video, will work on doing more as my wrists are quite weak, left being my weakest.

Part 2 – Bodyline Exercises

Plank: 60 Sec: I did 2 @ 30 seconds…working my way up! I do feel very confident in my form.

Side Plank: 120 Sec/ 60 on each side: These are hard!! I have to bend my leg that is closest to the floor for stability and I found that my wrist get quite sore. I am also constantly checking my form. I find it hard to squeeze my butt and abs as well as breathe! lol

Reverse Plank: 60 Sec: This one is not too bad, I have my hands in the middle position, pointing perpendicular to my body. Still a lot of strain on my weak wrists, but I am sure I will strengthen them as I progress.

Hollow Hold, 60 Sec: This one reminds me of Pilates, It is very doable and I am confident in my form even though I get the shakes. lol

Arch Hold: 60 Sec: Again this one is close to a yoga move that I did before, Superman. I am confident in my form, although I can feel that I need to focus on straightening my arms and legs.

Part 3 – Support

Wall Plank: 60 Sec: I tried as the video shows and unfortunately could no do it, not even for a minute. So I settled for a regular plank this time and will look for an alternative for Day 3

Parallel Bar Support: 60 Sec: I skipped this all together, I do not have any parallel bars in my apartment nor anything I can put together like some chairs. I will research an alternative.

Part 4 – Strength

As I can not do the Diamond push up yet, I skip the first 2 steps.

Assisted squats: 3 X 8: These are very good! with the assisted part I feel I can really get down a lot farther than with a normal squat! Will feel these for sure!!

Foot Supported L Sit: 3 X 30 Sec: These are very hard! I do what I can, although my butt does not leave the floor! I am sure as I gain more strength I will get lift off!

Vertical push up: 3 X 8: I see that the video does not do this, but I place my hands in a way that makes it so that when I do the push up my elbows are close to the side of my body, just how they would be if I did regular push ups, I do this by having my thumb pointed towards the ceiling instead of my fingers 🙂

Vertical Rows: 3 X 8: I did these in my bathroom door frame. not too sure if they are doing anything just yet as I am pretty tired from all the other sets…I find that I feel it more in my fingers than anywhere else, I may need to look for an alternative.

On top of these exercises, I also did 10 Burpees

I feel pretty good and although it doesn’t seem like a lot, I did work up a sweat and have that awesome after workout feeling!


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