Day 4 – Mar 31

Just finished running 4K…not just 4 K but 4 continuous K (no stopping!) Went pretty slow, my average pace was 9.25 and it took me almost 40 minutes to complete. I am feeling pretty great!! I get a little twinge in my left upper quad at about the 3/4 point…in which I slowed down even further until it went away.

It is actually hard to go so slow even though I know I would never make the whole 4 K if I went faster. I think my body is remembering back when I was running the 1/2’s and think its just like riding a bike and wants to be at that level again! So I have to keep my pace in check and not worry so much about the number and focus on the duration and accomplishment of getting outside off my butt!

**Note it really helps having some great music to listen to especially up hill!


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