Day 6 – April 2

I have a very busy Saturday today so I had to get up early and go for a run. It was a struggle that is for sure! I think that Friday’s 20 Burpees really twinged my inner thighs…yup I can barely walk!! On top of that I also can really feel the pushups that I progressed to (off the chair now instead of the wall)

I am grateful that once I started running my muscles loosened up and I was able to go the whole 4 K again without stopping! Again music really helps!!

After the run we packed a few things and went out to the farm, originally I was going to start prepping the garden area, but my inner thighs were having none of this idea! WOW you never really know how much you use a muscle group until you work them out for the first time!! I feel it ALWAYS!!! Luckily I do know that the soreness will go away so for now I will bask in the knowledge that the pain is self induced and a direct result of my hard work!

The run states are pretty much the same as Wednesday: 4.09 K: 39.08 Minutes: 9.34 Pace


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