Day 7 – April 3

Today is Sunday, Because this is a Rest Day (thankfully…inner thighs are still screaming!!) I have decided to use this day for a Stats Update. Not sure what stats I will post other than weight and body fat as my scale provides this info to me…As I progress I may include measurements as well, but I do not want to do too much into micro management as I tend to get obsessive. Having weight in on Sunday also encourages me to keep snacks at a minimum as weekends are the hardest for me!

Along with the rest day, I will also try to get outside and so something fun, This afternoon my husband and I are going to go through the Frisbee around (getting ready for the Fam Jam in the Summer) So although it is a rest day, I want to be a least a little active 🙂

Sunday Stats!

Weight in: 154.3 Lbs

Body Fat 33.3%

As this is my first week, I did not get my beginning states, Although I do have stats from Tuesday which are: 158.1 Lbs and 34.2 % fat…please keep in mind that I know it seems that I lost 4 lbs, I feel that the Tuesday weight is skewed a bit as it is on the higher side on my normal, I am usually around the 155 mark. I am excited to see the progress but feel it it more of a water/I started my period this week so of course my weight is off kind of thing 🙂

Here’s to next week!!!! I am really looking forward to Week 2 BRING IT!!!


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