W2D6 April 9

Cardio… Definitely necessary…but it has yet to become anything but a chore…I know its only been barely 2 weeks, but it is still a struggle to get out there!! I just got back and it is 1:24p m…Ugh…mostly because I am reading a pretty good book and didn’t want to put it down! haha

This is the second run this week that I felt very weird afterword. I have felt this way before when I was running stairs (sounds WAY more impressive that is is lol) feel very faint almost like I am going to pass out! Also cramps and the feeling I had best hightail it to my bathroom or things are going to get messy!

I do have naturally low blood pressure so I might be pushing myself too hard, even though throughout the run I am constantly trying to slow down, according to mapmyrun app my pace is getting faster.

I also need to work on getting more water in…That being said, Here are today’s run stats: 4.08 K 34:29 Minutes at a 8:27/KM pace


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