W3D4 – April 14

Cardio Day…Well it did not go well 😦 I got about half way through my run and felt very light headed and a bit dizzy so I stopped and walked a shortened distance home…only ran 2.85 K which makes me feel sucky 😦  I think it is more than my BP has dipped in the last week and is making my feel awful…Blah! I will try again on Saturday!

On a better note, I did go out for a walk to make up for the short run. I found a trail by my place and explored…I am hoping to follow it again and see if it leads to the giant stairs that I see when driving 🙂 Would love to add stairs back into my routine…and outdoor stairs would be really welcome!

BP Before run: 99/70 and after run (before walk) was 103/80…


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