Struggles/Successes April 16

WOW Today I discovered a Disturbed song, Sound of Silence…WOW I can not seem to get enough of this song…I have already heard it 5 times!

With this discovery of new music I have been inspired to update my running mix…I have been listening to it for many years now and think it is time for a change. Luckily my Husband has really jumped on the band wagon and is helping my find some tunes that will take me through my run 😀

Today I have Successes and Struggles, I will start with the struggle…and I hope that any friends that read this know that I do not mean to offend or diminish the friendship that we have. For the last few days I have been kind of mopey… I get like this every so often. I feel that it has a lot to due with not having any close friends (besides my husband which is my best friend) Its hard knowing that I do not have anyone that is close to me and really I am not sure if it because I do not allow anyone in or if the people I interact with are not letting anyone in? I am kind of shy, although I feel that I am losing my shyness as I get older. Its a sad and weird feeling knowing that no one really knows me or my struggles (or successes) It is equally hard knowing how hard it is to open up…and trust. Not sure if it is too late now that I am older, most people that I know that have close friends have been friends since high school or at least for the majority of their life.

My Success today was that I ran without my jacket…I know it does not seem like much, but I am very self conscience and although I have lost a lot of weight and kept the majority off, I am still working on the juggle (which is why the BWF :)) so going sans jacket…makes me uncomfortable with the amount of jiggling that happens! but its getting quite hot out and I not think that is a portion of Thursdays mishap as I might have been overheated. Its funny how I was so worried before I left the house, but once I was out there I did not give it another thought! I just put the earbuds in and did my route as always…even my internal voice which was tried to get me to quite at the same point on the path as Thursday, didn’t pipe in about my being jacketless.

Anyway, Happy Saturday Everyone!!


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