W3D6 April 16

Cardio Day, I was a bit apprehensive about today’s run…especially what happened Thursday! As much as I try to stay out of my head while running I seem to get in there and try to self sabotage myself, I wonder why I am like this?? Luckily I literally tell the voice to Fuck Off! I am doing this and to just get used to it! It was worst today, especially around the place I quit on Thursday. I get the nagging voice of hey look this is where we stopped last time…maybe we should stop again today…your tired and could use a rest blah blah blah…Sometimes it takes all I have to shut the voice up…most times its the music, I can put on something that really rocks and I just want to go 😀 Today was hard, but I triumphed. Ran the whole route. Without stopping. Whoot!!

Ran 4.14 K @ 8.27 pace and took 34:58 minutes…Well on my way to my goal of a 30 minute 5K. I feel that once I do the 4 without stopping for a whole week, I will add on some to the route to get up to 5 🙂


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