W4D2 April 19

Whew…The sweet feel of sweat dripping off your head! I am the type that sweats a lot after the run…not so much during which I think is a bit of a blessing as then I do not get any in my eyes and such 🙂 But now I am a drippy mess and loving it!!

Today’s run was pretty average, which I will take over a difficult run any day!! My numbers are a bit off as I forgot to stop my timer when I reached my building so I have it registered up to my living room lol

Run Stats: 4.18 K @ 36.29 minutes @ avg. 8:44 pace so pretty similar to Saturday! plus this afternoon I am thinking about taking a walk out to my friends place which is 2.7 K one way…I will also get lots of steps! YAY!


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