W5D1 April 25

Ok….So some changes have happened….First I wanted today to be the first day I add my 2 extra lower body exercises, but I am now on a bit of a time crunch, so I think I will postpone until Week 6 to give myself a week to get into a groove. The big change is that I have found a job 😀 YAY!! So today’s workout was completed at 5 am this morning! I much prefer to exercise in the AM so this time is my option which seems to work well, but I will need to be on top of my game…So making my lunch in the evening and preparing for my smoothie the night before so that it is ready to go 🙂 not to mention the lack of sleep…being off work for 9 months not having to be up at 5 am is a bit painful to get back in that saddle!!! LOL But I will show up…You bet your ass I am showing up!!

Part 1 – Stretches – No change in these…which is not surprising as they are stretches lol

Wall Extensions: 10 Reps: Still Challenging to get my arms to stay on the wall, but I did find that it helps to bend my knees a bit:)

Band Dislocates: 10 Reps: Still rocking these!😀 I find they are a great stretch!

Cat Camels: 10 Reps: Almost forgot these!!

Scapular Shrugs: 10 Reps: These too LOL

Full body Circles: 10 Reps/5 each direction: Remembered these, but almost forgot the cat/camels and the Scapular stretches!!

Front to back leg swings: 20 Reps/ 10 each leg: I went faster today to match the video, It really helps to reach your hand out to tap your toes:)

Side to side leg swings: 20 Reps/10 each leg: Faster today not as poppy as before so I think my legs are getting better. Still not as fast, but I can tell I am getting better with focus and stabilizing my movements

Wrist mobility: 2-3 minutes: Did whole video, still need a lot of wrist work. I am happy that I have some wrist supports to wear during the routine.

Part 2 – Bodyline Exercises

Plank: 60 Sec: I did 1 @ 60 seconds…This seemed so much tougher today! Not sure if it was because I did the workout in the evening or what…but it was HARD!

Side Plank: 120 Sec/ 60 on each side: These are sooo hard, yet I power through…I only hope that they will get better!!

Reverse Plank: 60 Sec: Because my arm was sore today, I found this one very hard and I had to be careful where I placed my hard for support.

Hollow Hold, 60 Sec: I was able to have my legs straight and a little angled **Totally felt my abs today with this one!!

Arch Hold: 60 Sec: I feel that I really rock the Superman!! This is one of my favs!

Part 3 – Support 

Wall Plank: 60 Sec: I did 1 X 60: Ugh…almost did not get through the whole 60 seconds! But I did make it😀 **Those last 10 seconds are horrid!!

Parallel Bar Support: 60 Sec: I still find this one hard on my wrists, but made lots of progress today with holding for the full 60 Seconds😀 **Those last 10 seconds are horrid for these too!!

Part 4 – Strength – Asked on BWF, adding 2 new exercises on Week 6, they are noted below!!

As I can not do the Diamond push up yet, I skip the first 2 steps.

Assisted squats: 3 X 8: Still did these in front of my chair, no touching 😀

Foot Supported L Sit: 3 X 30 Sec: Still no lift off yet…It will be a golden day with I achieve this level!!

Weighted Walking Lunge: 3 X 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeoLzGD3j9w

Deadlift: 3 X 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7Aj7Bq8Kos

Vertical push up: 3 X 8: Did all 3 sets off the kitchen counter!

Vertical Rows: 3 X 8: Still rocking the door jam, but I have sent what I need to my husband so hopefully he will be able to make what I need to proceed. **Still waiting for my hubby to make my Parallel bars!

On top of these exercises, I also did 10 Burpees

Cool Down

Again just some yoga stretches…highly recommended!! I also did a little bit of foam rolling


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