W5D2 April 26

Well team… I almost let you down! starting my new job is taking more out of me than I originally thought and I am still not getting enough sleep. I am aiming for a 10pm bed time, but it is currently more like 11/11:30 (and that is just getting into bed, I am not an instant sleeper so I need time to wind down and such…which makes for quite an early day.

So after work I was already talking myself out of today’s run 😦 you know it…and I am sure heard it all before…blah blah blah I am tired…..blah blah blah I am hungry…blah blah blah bull shit…So I had already told my husband that I was tired and not going to run tonight and then almost immediately I went and got my shoes (I already had my run outfit on) and started to lace up. I have you to thank. You, yes you who are reading my written words…my ups and downs, Almost as soon as I said I was not going I could feel the disappointment in the air. I do not want to let my self down.

I did not however run as much as Monday…few things…I was having a small feminine cup malfunction…weird yes so I will need to make sure that next month I have it securely in before I leave…When I started running I noticed that my knees and legs were very sore/tight, so I am going to look into some other activities. The point of the Tue/Thur/Sat is cardio, it is not written anywhere that this HAS to be running so I can change it up 🙂 I am thinking strongly of doing the stairs on Thursday!!

Once I sign up to be apart of the community league I will also have access to the tennis courts so this will be also on the list of Cardio day activities!

Run Stats: 4.14 K @ 34.01 minutes @ 8.12 pace **Also I am over 10,000 steps 😀


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