W5D4 April 27

Still figuring out the timing of my evenings and such…sorry for the lateness. I did however do what I stated on Tuesday 🙂 So instead of running I hiked to the fox drive stairs…For those that are not in the Edmonton area, these are outdoor stairs that are very steep. I used to do stairs when I worked at Taiga in the stair well of Metrotown in Burnaby….I did the whole stair case to the top twice…My legs were so wobbly that I really had to focus on my way down (after resting a bit) so that I didn’t fall!! then I made my way back home. I am not sure how long the whole trip took me so next time I will time the event. Note that I hiked both ways at a fairly quick pace…except of course the big hill at the end of the trail just before I get to the road….Horrendous!

All in all I greatly enjoyed this and will be doing it again! I was getting bored of running!!


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