W5D5 April 29

This morning was actually better than the previous…I am still getting used to getting up so early, but it is starting to become a routine! I have also updated my list below as I only really note if anything was different…so I removed my old notes!

Part 1 – Stretches – No change in these…which is not surprising as they are stretches lol

Wall Extensions: 10 Reps: Still hard to keep my arms on the wall…but working on it!

Band Dislocates: 10 Reps:

Cat Camels: 10 Reps:

Scapular Shrugs: 10 Reps:

Full body Circles: 10 Reps/5 each direction:

Front to back leg swings: 20 Reps/ 10 each leg:

Side to side leg swings: 20 Reps/10 each leg:

Wrist mobility: 2-3 minutes: I have done this one twice now without the video…I think I will watch the video this weekend so I can write down the different poses to ensure i am not forogetting any 🙂

Part 2 – Bodyline Exercises

Plank: 60 Sec: I did 1 @ 60 seconds

Side Plank: 120 Sec/ 60 on each side:

Reverse Plank: 60 Sec:

Hollow Hold, 60 Sec: Although I can not really tell…I feel that I am progressing with these 🙂

Arch Hold: 60 Sec:

Part 3 – Support 

Wall Plank: 60 Sec: I did 1 X 60: Lower back not as sore today!.

Parallel Bar Support: 60 Sec: 

Part 4 – Strength – Asked on BWF, adding 2 new exercises on Week 6, they are noted below!!

As I can not do the Diamond push up yet, I skip the first 2 steps.

Assisted squats: 3 X 8: Again no Chair help with these!! and still getting quite low!

Foot Supported L Sit: 3 X 30 Sec:

Weighted Walking Lunge: 3 X 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeoLzGD3j9w

Deadlift: 3 X 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7Aj7Bq8Kos

Vertical push up: 3 X 8:

Vertical Rows: 3 X 8:

On top of these exercises, I also did 20 Burpees

Cool Down

Again just some yoga stretches…highly recommended!! I also did a little bit of foam rolling


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