W6D4 May 5

Happy cinco de mayo Everyone!!

Today I did the stairs (my new fav activity!!! I squeezed out 4 sets tonight!! I feel awesome!! Although I feel that I could have did at the very least another set, on my way down on the fourth one my stomach kind of turned…You know that feeling like maybe I shouldn’t push it…and where was that bathroom again?? It seems that ever since I started working again I have been off schedule…that’s right guys…this working for a living is cutting into my poop schedule! I am sure I will get back to a good routine it just takes time!

Also on a plus I got a high five as I finished the up on my 3rd set….I think it was because when I feel I have done something awesome (like finish or beat my PB…I raise my hands up like I am running through the ribbon at the end of a run….its like my own little act of cheer/motivation LOL I loved it!!

Edit: Fixed the date… 🙂


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