W6D5 May 6

Well….it being Friday and all I actually had a bit of a rough start! My alarm did not go off this morning (thankfully my “starving” cat woke me up!) But it was too late to do my morning workout….Ugh I find that when this kind of thing happens it really throws my day off!! But luckily my day was not too bad!

Just finishing up my second week at my new job and things are going great! I get along with everyone and the work load is not too heavy! So today I had lots to complete at my desk and I got it all done!! I really felt like I accomplished my work goal today! I love a Friday afternoon clean desk!

BUT just because I missed this morning does not mean I don’t work out! So I actually just finished the RR + the 20 Burpees! YAY Me Hope Everyone have an awesome Weekend!!

Part 1 – Stretches – No change in these…which is not surprising as they are stretches lol

Wall Extensions: 10 Reps: I did 10 Reps. Still hard to keep my arms on the wall…but working on it!

Band Dislocates: 10 Reps: I did 10 Reps

Cat Camels: 10 Reps:  I did 10 Reps

Scapular Shrugs: 10 Reps:  I did 10 Reps

Full body Circles: 10 Reps/5 each direction: I did 5 each direction

Front to back leg swings: 20 Reps/ 10 each leg: I did 10 reps each leg

Side to side leg swings: 20 Reps/10 each leg: I did 10 reps each leg

Wrist mobility: 2-3 minutes: Each pose for a 20 count

Part 2 – Bodyline Exercises

Plank: 60 Sec: I did 1 @ 60 seconds

Side Plank: 120 Sec/ 60 on each side: I did each side @ 60 seconds

Reverse Plank: 60 Sec: I did 1 @ 60 seconds

Hollow Hold, 60 Sec: I did 1 @ 60 seconds

Arch Hold: 60 Sec: I did 1 @ 60 seconds

Part 3 – Support 

Wall Plank: 60 Sec: I did 1 X 60: I did 1 @ 60 seconds Lower back not as sore today!.

Parallel Bar Support: 60 Sec: I did 1 @ 60 seconds

Part 4 – Strength – Asked on BWF, adding 2 new exercises on Week 6, they are noted below!!

As I can not do the Diamond push up yet, I skip the first 2 steps.

Assisted squats: 3 X 8: I did 3 X 8 deep regular unassisted squats!

Foot Supported L Sit: 3 X 30 Sec: I did 3 X 30 seconds

Vertical push up: 3 X 8: I did 3 X 8 off the kitchen counter

Vertical Rows: 3 X 8: I did 3 X 8

On top of these exercises, I also did 20 Burpees

Cool Down

Again just some yoga stretches…highly recommended!! I also did a little bit of foam rolling


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