W6D6/7+W7D1/2 Blog Catch up!

Ok, looks like I need to play catch up!! I apologize to all that follow me! But as with every body and everything…life sometimes gets in the way!!

W6D6: April 7

Saturday! I did quite a bit today! For starters I did my stairs…4 times!! YAY Me!! but them I also walked to my friends house for a total of just over 15,000 steps for the day! YAY! It was super hot that day and I was a super mess once I got there bit the walk was glorious!

W6D7: April 8

Stat day…Not really any change today

Weight: 156.3 Body fat 31.1% so very little movement…but I am not worried…I can already tell that I am losing as of course my boobs are getting smaller…Why is it that you always loose where you don’t want to!! Cant be 5 or six inches lower and loose off my belly NOPE…must start with the boobs!

W7D1: April 9

Today I actually skipped…I had a really rough sleep the night before then woke up a 3 and could not get back to sleep…made it miraculously through my work day then crashed hard at 7pm…didn’t wake up until my morning alarm @ 5:40!! so obviously I needed the rest!

W7D2: April 10

Back at the stairs! 4 times up and down…and think I am ready for 5 on Thursday! Feeling good and healthy!! YAY!!


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